Help a Child is a Christian-based volunteer-run charity that promises to deliver 100% of donated money towards education for the needy.

Dorothy and Clive Bird

Our names are Clive and Dorothy and we are trustees of Help a Child Africa. When fellow trustee Father Sam Ofia arrived in High Wycombe in February 2006 we were very affected by what he told us about life in war-torn Grand Cess, Liberia and Clive took the opportunity to accompany Father Sam on a visit to Grand Cess later in that year. The Help a Child Africa charity came about as a result of this visit. At that time there was no Government education being provided in Grand Cess. The only education was being provided by a privately-run Christian school and that was half-empty due to poverty. The school charged a modest fee to enable the teachers to survive but even that was too much for most people to afford. When we arrived back in the UK we had the idea of filling the 100 empty spaces in the school. Dorothy fully supported the idea and the charity was born.

Angela Beecroft

My name is Angela and I am one of the trustees of Help a Child Africa. I have got four children, who are now grown up, and I am now retired but during my working life I was a leader at a Preschool Nursery so I understand the importance of child development. I was also a leader at our church Youth Group and became interested in the Send My Friend to School campaign who, at the time, wanted to remind world leaders of the important promise they made to get every child into school by 2015.

Father Sam Ofia

My name is Sam and I am one of the trustees of Help a Child Africa. I am a priest of the Missionary Society of St. Paul and I celebrated the silver jubilee of my ordination to the priesthood in 2016. In 1999 I went to Liberia for the first time. Although there is severe poverty in Nigeria, where I was born and brought up, I was shocked by the poverty I found in Liberia. In February 2006 I went to St. Augustines, High Wycombe but I still wanted to help the people of Grand Cess so I organised a container to send goods to the new priest in Grand Cess. I asked for donations and I was amazed at what I received – bicycles, generators, cooking pots, crockery, blankets, books, sheets, furniture etc. The idea of Help a Child Africa charity that was founded by myself and Clive, to send the children of Grand Cess to the under-subscribed St. Patrick’s school, started then.